Winter Training

As the winter approaches I tend to take a more relaxed approach to training in winter after 10 months of running up to 20 miles a week I tend to slow down the miles and spend some time in the gym doing strength work with the minimum one run a week at least 5k distance planned until the new year. This gives me time to build my strength and have a rest over the christmas period. Plus the cold weather affects my asthma so it’s always good to keep cold away from my chest.

Here are some tips I think are useful for winter training.

1. Make most of the daylight:

As much as it might not always be possible to run in the day through the winter, daylight can help you make most of the off road trail routes, perfect for the scenery runs and plus its a few degrees warmer while the sun is up.

2. Enter a spring race:

Entering a spring race gives you motivation to get the miles in while you have the chance, I am running Leeds half marathon in May so my training plan will start at the end of january, gives me 1 or 2 weeks to ease in the longer runs first before the half training begins.

3. Dress appropriately for the weather:

It’s important to dress appropriately for the weather in winter, I tend to wear a pair of running tights and have a winter running jacket and long sleeve tops to keep me warm and a thicker pair of socks for those soggy runs. I have a neck scarf too but i don’t usually like my mouth being covered so rarely use it as a buff.

4. Hill Running:

I have started using the 2 hills in my local park for some hill tempo workouts, this helps me build strength and allows me to focus more on my form as opposed to pace (although rarely i am bothered about times)

5. Adapt to the weather.

If the weather outside is really bad then take the chance to head to the gym and do some miles on a stationary bike or cross trainer, even a spin class will help fitness.


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