The Magic 10 Mile

On sunday (20th october) I returned to York once again to take part in the Yorkshire 10 Mile race. I had been looking forward to this one since i took part last year as I felt I needed to go one better.

After last months half marathon I hadn’t done as many miles as i had planned due to slight injury and illness but on the morning of the race I woke up ready and prepared for the race, thankfully it was not raining. I had my general race day breakfast of 2 slices of toast and a banana with a cup of Yorkshire Tea and then as i had prepared my bag the night before took myself for the walk to crossgates train station for the train to York. My 2 friends Charlotte and Kyle both came along to support me, we got to York and made our way for the shuttle bus to the event village, still dry until of course I had stripped down to my kit did my warm up and put my bag in the baggage tent. It was approaching 10am so we took the walk down to the start line charlotte passed on a message from Kris wishing me good luck they then for a wander to entertain themselves, I then bumped into a few STACs trying to fit themselves into the pacer time slot.

The start was downhill out of the campus and heading into York city centre a large crowd cheering the runners on, first 2 miles i felt i was at the right pace with the guy dressed as batman in my sight. After a unplanned pitstop at mile 4 I started to get myself into gear and feeling good. After reaching halfway the course separated for the marathon and 10 mile runners, the sun was shining and it started to warm up (I regretted the long sleeve top). As i got to around mile 7 the marathon runners started to rejoin the course and the remaining wheelchair runners too. Near 9 miles i bumped into a group of Pudsey Pacers who i engaged chat with giving each other encouragement for the final push. As we got round the corner the uphill back into the campus came into sight and i slowly started to climb giving it my all. Then the last sprint to the finish once the crowds had appeared again and then the finish line, I passed a few runners and (Batman) to cross the line in 1:55:20 claiming a pb and beating last years attempt by 7 minutes.

Overall I am happy with the time, enjoyed the race and was pleased the weather stayed dry. I will hopefully be back next year for another go as this has become one of my favourite races. I Managed to raise £130 for Leeds Mind too.

Well done to all the runners in both the 10 mile and the marathon.


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