Why Joining a Running club is a great idea.

When I first started running, I often just went out on my own, it allowed me to focus on just getting out and making up the miles but in 2017 I decided to join one of my local(ish) running clubs St. Theresas A.C in Leeds.

So if you are just starting out running and are thinking of joining a club/group here’s 5 reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

1. Run with like minded people:
You get to go out and run with people who have the same idea, getting out and going for a run, not just own club members but join people from other clubs too.

2: Social aspect: Like reason number one when you join a running club you can meet new people and grow friendships, after training on a tuesday a group get together, have fun and have a chat, this also enables you to meet other members you may not run with.

3. Improving yourself: When I joined St Theresas A.C, I was running between 10-12 minute miles and ever since I have improved my running, including learning how to pace myself a lot better than i used to and even got to under 10 minute miles. Many clubs also have beginners and improvers courses that you can join if you are new to running.

4. Motivated: You are more motivated to improve yourself when joining a club, I never thought that I would be able to pick myself up a trophy for my running, but i did this through the clubs parkrun league.

5. Great support: Often at races members of the public are out there supporting the runners on the day, and it’s great to hear your name being cheered by random strangers, but the support non running club members give too is fantastic.

There are many running groups out there, whether it is a UKA affiliated club or just a group that get together and run, mostly all welcome beginners no matter what speed you go. You can find your local group here. Or if your city/town has a local up and running store, most do a social running group too.


3 thoughts on “Why Joining a Running club is a great idea.

  1. I love the benefits you’ve found from running, and how it’s become such a big part of your life. Though I’m not a runner myself it’s been lovely as a friend to see you improving and challenging yourself from the very beginning. These are some great reasons to get people interested, it might just give someone that little push they need! 🙂

    Davis | http://www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk


    1. Thanks :). Yeah I often found the benefits to be rewarding from going to my first 5k run for charity to running couple of times a week, joining a club, winning my first trophy and signing up for a half marathon…
      Helps me feel good about myself.

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