Why i started running.

I had always been a active person, through childhood and in school I would attempt most sports regardless of my ability. I first started running in 2008 when I joined a 5k race in Roundhay Park, Leeds, it was a charity event for Sense UK and I found out about it through the football club i support Leeds United as a former player Andrew Hughes was starting the race. So I persuaded my cousins to sign up with me and we set out to raise some money for a good cause.

I finished my first 5k in 40 minutes and after this event I started to run every now and again, when i joined university I would use the track a couple of times and played 5 a side football. In 2012 when I graduated, I started to run more regularly, this helped me feel good about myself and in my mind, so in 2014 signed up to my first 10k and completed it in 1hr and 16 minutes and since then have joined my local running team, back in 2017 and ran my first 10 mile race as well as numerous 5k races, 9 other 10k and raised around £2500 for numerous challenges.

In september 2019 I will be completing my first half marathon and I will use this blog to document my journey. You can also follow me on twitter for more updates.


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