Dewsbury 10k pb

On sunday (2nd Feb) I headed over to Dewsbury for my first race of the year, this was a new race for me and also my first club championship race as i was there alongside many Stacs.

I had been unsure whether i was going to make this race due to being bad with my asthma in the 10 days leading up to the race but after the success of Red january where i completed 100 miles, I felt ok to take part with the idea of just taking it steady and getting over the finish line.

It was a early start getting picked up by a fellow stac and collecting one more and was soon over in Dewsbury and near the start line. It had been raining earlier in the morning but it had seemed to have calmed down and was in perfect conditions for a run. I got from the toilet stop and into the starting area just before the 65 mins pacer, bumping into Siobhan asking if i had seen any Dewsbury Club runners, after a quick chat she scurried off and the race was underway, Neil was happy to run the first mile with me and it was nice and steady bumping into some newbies from St Theresas. First 3 miles felt good, even after I just completed 2 miles there were runners already on way back and I still hadn’t stopped to walk any of it until after 5th mile where i recorded my fastest mile of the day, I started to slow down a little but with some encouragement from Sam and some morley runners i managed to keep myself going and just after my watch had reached the hour only had the last bit to go and saved myself for a little sprint finish.

Official guntime was 01:02:48….

Overall very pleased with nearly hitting sub 60 not even seeing where the 60 mins pacers were.

Great race and I hope to be back next year, love the t shirt and medal too.



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