The cobbled streets of York.

Sunday (August 4) I took part in one of my favourite 10k races in one of my favourite Yorkshire cities, York.

Started the day with the usual 2 slices of toast and a cup of Yorkshire tea, sat in the garden while the dog generally stood at gate sniffing the air.
I got myself ready and made my way to Leeds station for the train as the one later on from crossgates arrived too close to start, of course it was delayed. Once in York i just followed the crowd for a steady walk to the event village.
After waiting for a decade in the queue for the toilets, i went to find my new running buddy Siobhan, we had a chat and made our way to the starting point for our time target, in the middle of the 1:05 and 1:10 pacers, both from STAC.

Once we got the warm up sorted the clock started and we made our way over the start. Making the way through the streets before a short stretch along the river and under the city walls and back round, first drinks station well needed as the temperature began to rise, a short sip and a pour down the back as we headed to the 5k mark and down to the bells of York Minster and cheering crowds, before heading back down a quieter stretch alongside the river over the bridge and back towards the Knavesmire, a loop around the front of Terrys factory and then back towards the racecourse for a loop out and back before I again passed the 1:10 pacers for a sprint finish for a time of 1 hour 9 mins and 58 seconds.

Caught up again with Siobhan to collect our goody bags and for a post race chat collecting free yoghurt from the arla tent. I then made my way back home to watch the football.

Overall a good day, too warm and I might have started a bit too quick but i got a time i can be happy with.


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