The Muddy trials of Pudsey 10k

Last year when I took part in Pudsey 10k I earned myself a PB despite in the tough hills, and had no hesitation in taking part again and trying to persuade a number of fellow running club members to join me only one did to set out to do her first 10k race, not knowing the typical british summer weather would kick in on the week of the event and do nothing but rain, yes you read that correctly.

I got to Pudsey in good time to collect my race number and get my bag into a locker, got to the start to take in the pre race atmosphere, the clouds hiding the sun away in a slight breeze but not chilly with the potential for more rain.

The race got underway starts with a steady downhill start before turning back to go uphill with cheers from the small gathering crowds and into the first bit of mud. As runners slowed down to avoid slipping, eventually got away and onto the first indulting hill, very boggy and after jumping over puddles and keeping my balance without falling face first into the mud eventually just started to run straight through them and into a more open space to try get correct pace. Mile 1 was quick at 10:43 but miles 2 and 3 a lot slower having to deal with mud. Once eventually getting back onto some dryer land i could get my pace back and a drink at the drinks station getting my breath back before the 4th mile and once again another difficult climb. Now there was more road towards the end and caught back up to the 2 runners in front I had used as pacers further back.

Coming towards the final corner and the small climb before the final sprint to the finish, I shouted to the runner keep going you’re doing great nearly there, came into the park and the bigger crowds cheering the sprint finish, crossing the finish line in 1 hour 15 mins and collected well needed banana and bottle of water, t shirt and medal.

A few minutes slower than the previous year but none the less, i hope to be back again next year for that pb. Hopefully it’s less muddy.


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