Why i feel running can make you happier.


Now I have completed Miles for Mind in may I want to share my thoughts on how running can make you a happier person as it can not just improve physical health but mental health too. Here are 5 reasons.

1. Physical exercise (either a workout in gym or going for a run) releases endorphins into the brain. This can make you more energetic, more awake and happier. Days when you don’t exercise can tend to have a gloomy effect on your mood
2. Running gets you into a better physical shape, making you feel stronger,
3. If you choose to join a race, running can allow you to set personal goals, whether it is a parkrun personal best or completing a distance you have not yet achieved can be much happier when working towards that goal. Then when that goal is reached you feel a great sense of achievement.
4. When you take your first steps of a run and join the running community you find it is a very social group and receive plenty of support along the way, whether you are taking part in a couch to 5k program which these days are quite popular for beginners to going along to your first parkrun event. You can make friends and interact over social media with other runners or in a running club. Also running with a group helps you stay motivated.
5. And finally running can improve self esteem, which increases endorphins and helps you get into a better shape both mentally and physically. Helps you work towards goals, for example I have gone myself from working to a 10 mile race last october to my first half marathon this year. It has helped me to set my target and work towards it for a great sense of achievement.


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